Dr. Peter D. Kvam (CV)

Assistant Professor

Peter is a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at the University of Florida. His research interestes include judgment and decision-making, cognitive modeling, and new methods for studying psychology and cognitive processes. Current projects include disordered decision making in substance dependent individuals, differences between binary and multi-alternative decisions or continuous ratings, and computational methods for studying neural and evolutionary processes.

Konstantina Sokratous

Graduate Student

Abhay Alaukik (CV)

Graduate Student

Abhay is a first-year doctoral student in the Social Psychology area being co-mentored by Dr. Matt Baldwin and Dr. Peter Kvam. He received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Kansas before starting his PhD journey in the Cognition and Decision Modeling Lab. He is broadly interested in political/moral psychology, statistical modeling, and quantitative methods. In his current project in the lab, he is exploring how information gets polarized as a function of the kind of task people are assigned (for example, choice vs. estimation tasks) using simulations, agent-based modeling and empirical studies.

Yijun Lin

Graduate Student Affiliate

Yijun Lin is a first-year doctoral student in Social Psychology at the University of Florida. She works primarily with Dr. Erin Westgate in the Florida Social Cognition and Emotion Lab. She received an M.S. in Integrated Marketing from New York University and a B.S. in Psychology from Beijing Normal University. She has broad interests in motivation, self-regulation, and emotions. Her primary work focuses on procrastination, understanding the emotional mechanisms of procrastination and how to promote goal striving when procrastinating.

Callie Mims

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Callie is a fourth-year double major in Psychology and Women’s Studies. Her research work to date has focused around metacognition, multisensory integration, and the illusions that are commonly used to study these phenomena. Some of her other research interests include disordered decision making, particularly within eating disorder populations, gender-related stereotypes, and weight-related stigma.

Alexander Wurm

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Alexander is a senior studying Economics and Neuroscience with a specialization in data science and statistics. As an undergraduate researcher, he investigates individual decision making using hierarchical and generative Bayesian models to test proposed cognitive theories against collected data.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Shu Ting Lin

Emily Unruh

Arina Martemyanova

Kevin Lipman

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